The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) was established by the Kaohsiung medical university under the principle of "Respect for Life, Protect the Environment, Emphasis on Safety and Health" and to conform to the relevant laws and regulations. The mission of the EHS office includes campus upkeep as well as ensuring the safety and health of the students, staff and faculty. The EHS office is divided into three sections: Health and Safety Section, Biosafety Section and Radiation Protection & Environmental management Section. The member mentioned includes a director, three section heads, two occupational safety management specialists, two technicians and two occupational health nurses. The main affairs are environment management of campus, safety and insepction of occupational services, public safety management as well as chemical and biohazardous waste removal and disposal, laboratory toxic chemicals management, education and training and safety training on environmental protection and health care management for faculty and staff.


Prof. Sodio C. N. Hsu (Director)

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