Online Laboratory Safety Training Class


1. Curriculum Goals

In order to enhance foreign personnel’s campus occupational safety and health knowledge and ability, learn about potential risks and hazards in laboratory to prevent personnel from accidents.

2. Teaching object

Foreign personnel who need to go to the laboratory (New students, Master or Doctoral students, researchers, etc.)

3. Registration

Google registration form ( (As detailed in attachment I) to fill out the registration form.

4. Registration Information and Notes

A The course is free. The online course will be adopted instead, and the communication software will use Google Meet. An email notification will be sent 2 days before the course and the online meeting room URL will be provided. If you have not received the notification, please contact the contact person.

B Please use the online registration system for registration, registration deadline is 2024/04/30 PM 23:59. The quota is 120 people.

C To confirm the learning effect, after the course, there will be a test. After passing, you can get a 3-hour certificate.

(a)  There are 10 questions in the test, 10 points for each question, and the passing standard of the test (total score): 70 points or more.

       For those who fail the test, a retest will be arranged within 2weeks. If the retest is not passed, the certificate will not be issued.

(b)  The quiz form will be available via QR Code or URL on the course day.

5. Class Information

Date: 2024/05/06 Monday

Time: 14:00-17:00

Title: Chemical Hazards and Personal Protective Equipments

6. Certificate

Those who have completed the course can go to the Environmental Safety Office (IR 841) in exchange for safety education and training with relevant documents


[Note: If you need to modify or cancel the registration information, please write E-Mail to assistant of the Department of Environmental Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University Miss Ting-Tsen, Yeh. E-mail:]







三、課程名稱:chemical Hazards and Personal Protective Equipments(化學性危害與個人防護具)。 







安全管理師:楊有學  分機:2278



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